Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts?
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Where can I find motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts?

I'm in the process of buying a scooter that will need motorcycle insurance. Most companies don't do business in Massachusetts. Anyone know of a place to get it? I'm also interested in switching my auto insurance, if I can get a better rate. My current insurer is Commerce, and they don't do motorcycles, I believe. Thanks for any help.
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I think mine is through MetLife. I think you can bundle it with auto by working with an agent in your area, perhaps with a discount.
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I don't drive a motorcycle or have insurance but Progressive has been advertising heavily in Mass since the state partially deregulated auto insurance las year. One of the things they advertise in particular is Motorcycle insurance.
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Progressive has always advertised heavily in Massachusetts, probably because of neighboring states. Their website states they do not currently offer motorcycle insurance in this state. I could give them a call, to see if the website is outdated.
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Things have been ever more confusing with the talk of deregulation, but my motorcycle was insured through Plymouth Rock in Mass, and barely cost me anything (possibly because of a bundle with the auto? I'm not sure).
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Progressive DOES offer insurance in MA.

Progressive, USAA, and MetLife are the national insurance agencies I'm aware of that currently offer vehicle insurance in MA, and I believe all three offer motorcycle insurance.
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barely cost me anything

My understanding about why MC insurance is cheap is because, statistically speaking, there is often no one to pay out to (that is, motorcycle accidents more often lead to death of the operator than car accidents). Also, a bike is quickly totaled -- usually at less than one fifth the cost of a car. Shiny side up!
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My Masshole motoring was insured by Plymouth Rock as well.

As for why it's so much cheaper, I don't think it is because all the riders die in accidents, but more that a motorbike cannot inflict as much damage on other vehicles, people, or property (with exceptions, of course. Trikes, etc. could run more costly.)
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"My understanding about why MC insurance is cheap is because, statistically speaking, there is often no one to pay out to"... makes no sense, there is still an estate.

I use progressive, I've shopped around, they have always had the best price..

be safe!
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Progressive's website is outdated then, it tells me they don't offer anything in Massachusetts.
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How expensive any insurance is (i.e., the cost of the premiums) is dependent upon (1) the likelihood of the incidents against which it insures, (2) any deductibles or limits applicable to the damages arising out of those incidents and (3) the expected amounts of claims resulting from an incident against which it insures.

Motorcycle insurance is generally far cheaper than car insurance for two reasons. With respect to liability insurance, the damages caused by a motorcyclist to other parties are, other factors equal, much small than the comparable damages caused by cars. With respect to collision or comprehensive insurance, the damages caused to a motorcycle are much less costly to repair than those damages caused to cars in accidents, or, more likely, are significant enough that the motorcycle is totaled and the insurance is just paying out a few thousand dollars or maybe $10-$20k for the total value of the motorcycle. So, in each case, (3) is relatively small compared to car accidents.

The fact that the insured may be dead doesn't really factor into things - liability, comprehensive or collision insurance don't cover injuries to the insured. Those injuries (or damages to the estate in the event of death) are going to be covered, if at all, by medical insurance, life insurance or disability insurance.
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encharter insurance will give you a 5% discount if you are a Mass Motorcycle association member and will give you multi-vehicle discounts for your cars and bike which most companies do not do. Also if you do switch multiple vehicles if you are a home owner they will give you 20% of your homeowners if you have it with them already or switch to them so joining the MMA save me 5% of my insurance rate for my bike and my car and 20% of my home insurance; all that for $25 bucks to join. I saved 280 dollars by joining the MMA Take that geico!
The MMA is a safety and awareness group,and the voice of over 300,000 motorcyclists in MA with the registry and legislature.
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Motorcycle insurance is cheap because we have less accidents. The Mass insurance industry took in 40 million dollars in premiums in 2002. They only paid out 20 million in expenses and claims so we are a cash cow for the insurance industry. there are 177,000 registered bikes in MA 55 died in 2007. 45 percent were one vehicle accidents,33 percent were two vehicle accidents with the auto driver at fault. We aren't the problem,so we are good insurance risks.
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