Curly hair cut in Philly?
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Philly haircut? Male, thick, curly hair.

It's time for my first haircut in Philly. I found this post from a couple years back. I usually have to go to two or three stylists before I get a good haircut in a new place, presumably because of the curly nature of my hair.

Does anyone have a recommendation for talented people between 40th and 1st street? I'm hoping for around $30-35, give or take, including tip. But, I'll go as low as $20 and would consider as high as $50 if he or she is beyond-belief skilled.

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It might be a little more than your ballpark, but people swear by American Mortals in Old City.
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Adolf Biecker in the Rittenhouse Hotel.
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Danielle at Richard Nicholas (Sansom between 16th and 17th) is *awesome* at dealing with curly hair.
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Dunno what he's charging new clients but I love my dude Michael A. at East End at 2nd and Arch. I have really curly hair (as does he.)

I hear good things about American Mortals from trustworthy sources, too.
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I (girl) used to go to American Mortals when I lived in Philly, and my dad now goes there too. It's awesome and worth the price. If Joe is still there, ask for him.
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I see Becky at American Mortals. I've sent all my friends to her. She's great. It will cost you around $40.
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Joseph at Signature's 116 S. 19th street.

Check out his reviews here.

He has a ton of curly hair himself, so he knows what to do with it.
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