"You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans."
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Where is the best place in Las Vegas to buy Jelly Belly Black Licorice jellybeans in bulk?

I'm currently working outside of the US, and a colleague is going back to the States to spend a week with his family in Vegas. He offered to pick something up for me if I was interested, and I'd like to be able to give him a one-stop suggestion so as to minimise the hassle.
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Is there some particular reason why you don't want to order them online?
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Primarily because it's a family vacation to Vegas, not visiting residents. Inconveniencing my buddy who's willing is one thing, shipping something to his family and having them schlep it on vacation with them just seems selfish.

As for shipping here, well, the cost is prohibitive, hence the initial offer by someone who was returning to the States.
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I don't mean to push it-- but if you find out where they're staying, and if you order far enough in advance, you can likely have the jellybeans shipped to his hotel. Super low-hassle.
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Most Targets/SuperTargets in the Twin Cities have a big Jelly Belly bulk display with single-flavor bins. Any extrapolation to other metros would be an assumption on my part, maybe somebody local can chime in.
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Well, I know there is a bin-style candy store in the LAS airport that carries jelly bellies and has the single flavor buckets. He can probably confirm on his way in and pick some up on his way out - no hassle at all. The prices are airport-inflated though, which depending on your definition of "bulk" may be a problem.
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