Media net or internet settings for SE K800 on ATT in US?
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does anyone have and use a SE k800 in the US on AT&t network. I need the settings to get on the internet I know its a triband and all that, umts wont work in America etc. But I've had a SE W800 for years and was able to get on the internet and that is triband also so what gives. So if you can get on the internet with your SE K800 and live in the US and use ATT please give me the settings or link to them thanks. and Also I live in the Philadelphia area so The phone works fine and once again can get on att with another triband phone.
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For what it's worth, I just flashed my K800 because the Java version on it wasn't working with GMail or Google Maps, two amazingly nice tools to have, especially since I don't pay for a data plan, since TMobile has free GPRS.

You're looking for this: AT&T Answer Center.

It's set for the W810, but follow those instructions and they should work for you. (T-Mobile has a Wireless Configurator that actually OTA-sends the config settings straight to your phone; I used the W800 settings for mine, worked just fine.)

Oh and the K800i is quad-band, fyi. The K790a is the American version and is actually EDGE-capable, at the expense of not being awesome internationally. You seem to know the difference, though.

Good luck. (And yep, I'm on the internet just fine on my K800, and AT&T/TMO are fundamentally the same network structure, except that AT&T goes up to 3G via HSDPA.)
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The K800 is missing the 850mhz band and if that's the band ATT is using where you live, you are SOL. But my understanding is that is mostly used in rural areas. Can you make calls or SMS? If so you can use GPRS on that phone. If not, you are screwed. Also, you'll also need to have MEdianet enabled. Finally, you know all the people wining about the iPhone's EDGE slowness and camping out for 3g? Well, the K800 doesn't even have EDGE, it has GPRS which is slower than Edge. You'll only want to use WAP versions of pages since real internet pages will take forever to download.

I used to have a SE K800 and used it on the T-mobile network without any problems the missing 850mhz band was never a problem... I think T-mobile only uses it in the sticks). I did plop in my work phone's ATT SIM from time to time to make long international calls and whatnot and also did some interweb on it. When in Germany and Japan I even got to use 3G.

I went to Sony Ericsson's site and had its configurator send me the settings for the K790 since the K800 wasn't listed. (I went here today and the K800i is listed on the second page after you select your carrier). If the k800 isn't on the page, select the K790 or the K850 as the settings are similar. You'll get a text with the settings and it gets added to your data profiles.

Unfortunately my K800 is no longer with us. The phone became quite hot to the touch on morning and it overheated and died. I called SE and they had me return the phone to N. Carolina to investigate. They are not allowed to sell an K800 in the US so they gave me a K790 which has the same features (but added 850mhz and EDGE instead of 3G).

But now I'm on an iPhone. My work phone is a K550i and it is new enough to automatically go to a SE server when a new SIM is put in it to automatically grab the carriers' info and load it. The settings it uses are:

APN: wap.cingular (note no dot com on end)
Password: (there are nine * so I don't know what it is)
Login Request: Off
Allow Calls: automatic
IP address: Leave blank
DNS address: Leave blank
Authentication: CHAP is ticked
Data compression: Off
Header compression: Off

On the Ineternet settings... use the same profile above:
User Proxy: Yes
Proxy Address:
Port: 80
Username and Password are blank

(Hopefully the SE website will just send you the proper settings it things will just work... if this fails try asking around at the forums. It is a SE enthusiast site and there are many people using the K800)

Had the iPhone not come around I would probably still be using a SE phone.
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