Connect Canon HG10 video to Mac os X
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Mac osx/canon hg10 cannot get stills off camera. Video yes, stills no. We're supposed to have a baby any day now and this sucker ain't behaving (the camera-mac connection). I haven't had this kind of problem with a mac in 10 years.

I can get iMovie to find my Canon HG10 thru USB cable but not Final Cut Pro of iPhoto or Image Capture. That would be fine except that iMovie does not download images from still mode.

I have everything Canon has for download, I have iPhoto, etc. I have another Canon still camera that works fine in all programs.

I saw this thread was closed.

I've looked: no one else seems to have this problem and Canon isn't aware of it... thank you.
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If you mount the camera on your desktop, can you open it as a disk and find the folder with the pictures in it? You can just pull those into iPhoto, or make a folder and put them in it. It's not optimal, but it should work.
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Is your camera plugged directly into your Mac, as opposed to a hub? Have you tried each of the different USB ports? As crazy as it sounds, the usb ports on Macbooks are wonky like that.
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Try a cheap USB memory card reader and get the data off the card directly.
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The description of this video camera on Amazon makes it seem like it uses a separate memory card for still photos (instead of the built-in hard drive). Can you take the card out and read it with an ordinary USB memory card reader? You can pick one up that reads dozens of different card types for under twenty bucks.
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