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Bhangra. With my formidable Google-fu, I have scoured the net for all that I could find. In question form: Does anybody know of some excellent Bhangra? I saw DJ Rekha open for Le Tigre, and that's what's gotten me started. (I'll try to see her mix next time I got to NYC.) So something in that vein. Also, Asian Dub Foundation's mix of "Taa Deem" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is excellent. I hear Bhangra is big in the UK, so UKMeFites, could you do me a solid?

I've seen the Blue post.

(On the side: I'll probably re-ask this in a different Ask.MeFi post, but John McLaughlin's Indian-influenced jazz is amazing. So any good Indian-influenced music you know of would be a plus.)
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Daler Mehndi is always a good when it comes to Bhangra.
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probably going to this on saturday: narmeen.

so by all means come thou to nyc! amitabh beckons you!!
amar, akbar, anthony!!!
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Talvin Singh won the Mercury Award a few years back. That's more along the lines of Indian-inspired than true Bhangra, I guess. MC Panjabi had a bunch of club hits for a while, but Talvin Singh is far more interesting. Nitin Sawhney can be a nice diversion after Talvin Singh.
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If NYC doesn't work, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid perform Bhangra Bollywood Hiphop every last Saturday of the month at the Fez Ballroom in Portland
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this album and these sites are a good start. probably wouldn't mind the punjabi hit squad either.
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Although I don't know if you could call them strict Bhangra, I've enjoyed these albums immensely:

Midival Punditz

Asian Massive

Tabla Beat Science
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Probably not precisely what you're looking for, but along the same lines as Talvin Singh, I greatly enjoy the music of Karsh Kale.
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I saw Aalap back in 1988 & they were brilliant.

The aforelinked Geet Sangeet has lotsa info & a live radio stream.

For a more clubby vibe try Asian Vibrations who have an excellent radio stream.
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Bitpart, I am so glad that you posted this question. I love Apache Indian. He does a dancehall/bhangra genre. I've been looking for other artists with a similar style.

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