How can I sell these vintage gold watches?
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What's the best way to sell vintage gold watches?

I have a 10k gold-filled Omega watch appraised at $900 and a 14k white gold Omega watch with 8 small diamonds appraised at $2800. Both are vintage ladies watches. I am looking for the best way to sell them that will bring in the most value and not result in me getting scammed. I have looked through previous threads, but they are either New York-specific or simply advise selling them for scrap. Since they are very small watches, I don't think selling them for scrap based on weight would bring anywhere near their value. Are there other options to sell these watches? Is eBay a good idea or a bad idea? What can I realistically hope to get for these watches? I'm in Arizona if it matters.
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I went to a trusted local jeweler, who does not sell watches, to ask who they might recommend to buy my vintage Rolex. They hooked me up with a guy (an antique watch repair expert) who gave me a very fair price in cash. Sorry, this was a few years ago and I can't find his name now.

So, I suggest you get referrals from a good jeweler.
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artdrectr's advice is good, I think. If for some reason you don't want to do that, or it's not possible, maybe ask around some watch forums?
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My father in law and his brother repaired and sold antique pocket watches for several years. They used ebay quite a bit. If you know what they're worth and set an appropriate reserve you won't get scammed. I think it's going to take some research. Start with looking through ebay for what similar things have sold for. And box's idea to look at watch forums is great.
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