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Total vanity question: Alright, I don't know much about hair, but recently I've grown my hair a bit longer. To my annoyance, my hair now dings out sideways at the end, like they're trying to defy gravity, and don't go straight down. So, what can be done? I wash them everyday. Are there conditioners or other things that I should be using?
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You can use a straightening iron. Or, you can use a straightening product while the hair is damp such as Rusk Str8t. Just about all hair care lines make a straightening product.
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I've fought a losing battle with hair that flips up on one side and under on the other side my whole life. I finally found an honest stylist who confessed that there was nothing...no cut, no styling product...that could defy the natural pattern of my hair growth. Two suggestions: grow out your hair a little longer so that the added weight will help flatten out the ding. Also, try cutting down on shampooing and conditioning to once or twice a week. Your hair will be easier to control (and healthier to boot).
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Mine does that too--wings on the sides of my head, right above my ears. I was once told that I need to get a haircut that trims the hair so that it can grow out and down. But it could just be that mine gets naturally a little curly when it gets long.
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Try NOT washing it for a week and see what it does. Hair does not need to be washed every day.

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Contrary to what the hair-care industry (which has a vested interest in selling a mind-boggling array of products) will have you believe, hair is dead protein and there is only a few things you can do to it. You can glue it, coat it, clip it or burn it. Take your choice.

I'm guessing maybe you might wanna look into getting some sort of permanent (that would be the 4th choice -- "burn it").
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Dukebloo, are you male {checks profile}? Are you planning on growing it out even longer? If that's the case, then this is just an infamous stage you're going to have to through like the rest of us guys who had (have) long hair at some point. It's a rite of passive or sorts. Good luck.
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My hair does that, but I like it. I imagine I'm in a minority, though.
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Some hair is straight, some is wavy. Deal-or use a straightening iron.

BTW, some of us would have very greasy dirty heads if we didn't shampoo frequently. I have oily skin, which includes my scalp.
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Try NOT washing it for a week

I'll second that. I like to be clean, but my hair gets really wavy once it gets more than 3/4 of an inch long. I find that laying off the 'poo (once a week, no more) and being generous with the hair product does the trick. Wax/creme style hair stuff works best, use gel and you run the risk of looking like some XTREEEM sports type.
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