how to favorite podcasts and music in iTunes?
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can you favorite podcasts and albums in iTunes without downloading or buying them?

I am an avid podcast listener - I have just recently discovered iTunes, and am overwhelmed in a good way! However, I would like to find a way to favorite specific podcasts without necessarily downloading them or subscribing to them. Is there a way to do that within iTunes? So I am not talking about copying and pasting the information into a separate file, but something more flawless within the program itself.
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Subscribe. Let it download one. Then go to the podcasts section of iTunes on your computer and press unsubscribe. You'll have the current episode and be able to 'try out' any podcast. If you like the subscribe button.
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One way that I "favorite" something in iTunes is to click-drag the album artwork in the top portion of the album page (where it has the individual tracks listed below) to my desktop. This creates a shortcut file similar to a normal website shortcut. To revisit that page in iTunes, just double-click the shortcut.
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