Sounds like a scam, is it?
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Sounds like a scam, but help me verify: Someone I know now calls herself a travel agent via a company called World Ventures, which offers each "agent" a simple Web site with an airfare search tool on it. Sounds scammy to me, and when I Google, I get bits and pieces that sound bad, but the company doesn't seem to be one that Quackwatch or MLM Survivor or those sites has a lot to report on. (Maybe because it only dates to 2005?) Can anyone offer up more info? Articles in solid publications about World Ventures preferred, but any info is helpful. (Posting anonymously so involved friend doesn't know who's asking.) Thanks.
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Scam. WorldVentures, Traverus and YourTravelBiz are three of the more popular home-based travel agent MLMs right now - and they have the same sort of danger as any other MLM - sorry, "networking business models".
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Here's the very first result from Googling "World.Ventures scam". You can wait for something in a "solid publication", but it's an obvious pyramid scheme.
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