A group of urban explorers needs help
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Urban exploration question. Does anyone know of any entrances to the Seattle Underground?

I know their is an official underground tour, but is anyone aware of any other entrances to the "unofficial" underground? I have been told their is a warehouse entrance but don't know Seattle well enough to know where to find it.

I know it's dangerous and quite a bit of it is no longer accessible due to new buildings being put up but if anyone does have a bit of knowledge on the subject, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I'd stay out of there. Seattle authorities don't have much of a sense of humor about that kind of thing.

One of my best friends and his girlfriend were planning to eat at the upper Space Needle restaurant, and found themselves at Seattle Center with quite a bit of time to kill before their reservation. He noticed that the door to the stairway was open, and they decided to put an edge on their appetites by climbing the stairs to the top instead of taking the elevator.

When they finally arrived, the door at the top was locked, and the restaurant manager refused to let them in. They had to climb all the way back down to the bottom, where they found the police waiting to arrest them for trespassing.
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Unfortunately jamjam is pretty right. The Seattle Underground is pretty well known, which means the police pay more attention (and take trespassing more seriously) then other UX sites.

That being said, you might be able to post something on here.
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pff, like the reasons above ever stopped a good UEr!
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