Ever fired an 1850s pinfire revolver?
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Has anyone here ever fired an 1850s pinfire revolver? Or a pinfire weapon of any sort? If so, could you describe the process of loading, firing, and unloading for me? The Google is not helping me, nor are any of my re-enactor sources. It's for science a novel.
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Wikipedia on pinfire includes this external reference, which sounds like it would be useful to you: "To Shoot My Pinfire" by Darrel G Dennis in (1997) in Bob Bell: "Handloader's Digest", 17th, Iola, WI: DBI Books, 194,195.
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Response by poster: Thanks, CPB! I ordered a copy of that very book based on that very reference, but it has yet to make its way through the mails to the Casa Sidhedevil.
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Just a thought: you might ask on the moderated Usenet group rec.guns, or search the Google archive of it. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people there, some of whom know an almost ridiculous amount about very niche subjects. You might find a pinfire expert. Just take everything with a requisite grain of salt; it is Usenet after all. :)

I did a quick search on "pinfire" in the archive and there do seem to be a few people who know what they're talking about. I'd try your question there and see what falls out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Kadin2048! I'd shied away from Usenet because, you know, Usenet, but a moderated group might be just the ticket.
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