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Is there any free app that will allow an officefull of networked Macs and one PC to share an address book?
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It's very early software, but you could probably start playing with PontiacMozilla Sunbird and see how well it suits you.
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You could do all sorts of crazy stuff with LDAP.
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A solution for this might be to install OpenLDAP on a server and configure the mail clients for each platform to use the LDAP directory. Then it would need to be configured and administered depending on your requirements(anyone can make changes to the directory, only certain people, etc.) Depending on how large your office is and what you expect it's growth to be, it could be a good long term solution.
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I love LDAP. It's a great tool, and I run it at my company. Very powerful, but there are two problems:

- It's not easy to set up and configure initially. If you're looking for a click-and-install product, you may be getting in over your head.

- Most client apps that can talk to LDAP (e.g. Mail) can't write back to it- you'll need a true LDAP client for that.

If you've got a company directory you want people to share, LDAP is a good solution for you. If you're looking more for a CRM-style solution, where people can put in contacts and share them with others, LDAP isn't your answer.
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LDAP, but as I posted here before, it's impossible to configure unless you're an IT pro.

I wish it were as easy to use as apache, with a nice gui to start it, add entries, and connect to it via any client on earth.
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matthowie: There's this front end
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Last year, I spent weeks trying to configure LDAP on a Linux server for a small office (6 Windows PCs) to share an address book. I never got the bloody thing to work.
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To get started here's an O'Reilly ONLamp Article: Building an Address Book with OpenLDAP.
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I know these postings all come late in the game, but for an easier solution there's some possibilities over at Sourceforge. Do a search for addressbook to find the one right for you. TUTOS is a good all around project management/tracking web based app with addressbook, client tracking, asset management and more googaws. phpaga has less team management than TUTOS(but has an addressbook!) and a slicker default interface. All suggestions are web based Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP.
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Doubt anyone's still looking here, but more web LDAP frontends:
abook-ldap (PerlCGI)
Rolodap (PHP)
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