What to do with four teenage girls?
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Help us entertain a bunch of teenage girls!

So, we live in Annapolis MD. My fiancee's 16 year-old sister is passing through for a few days at the end of this month. Also coming are her friend (also 16), her friend's sister (15), and her friend's sister's friend (15). They're all fairly typical popular teenage girls - they like whatever's new on the Hip Hop / R&B stations, cute boys, etc...

They're from the midwest (suburban Kansas City), and I think it'd be really awesome to show them how cool this part of the country can be - we're half an hour from both Baltimore and DC.

Any suggestions?
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Not from DC, but my total favorite parts of DC as a tourist were shopping in Adams-Morgan and Dupont Circle, and the National American Indian Museum.

You'll also have to take them to a beach!
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Guilty of having THE WORST website in Annapolis, the walking ghost tour is really fun. You get a free history lesson about historic downtown Annapolis AND funny ghost stories. The late night tours will be a blast for you and the 16year olds. seriously.


Only go to DC if you've never been and never will again and know what you want to see before you get here otherwise you'll wander around looking at nothing.

....good luck
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Get seafood. Good seafood is not to be had in KC.

Ah yes, a beach is a good idea. Large bodies of water also are not to be had in KC, unless you count the dam-lakes in Missouri.

Movies are always good for entertaining teenagers. They might scoff at your city's lack of movie theaters with screens numbering in the multiples of dozens though. Okay, they probably won't. But KC has plenty of AMC theaters to go around.

Do Annapolis or Baltimore have decent downtowns? KC doesn't. It has sort of downtown style shopping at the plaza, but the actual downtown is pretty lame. From my understanding, teenage girls love to shop, even if that doesn't involve actually buying a lot.

Oh, and I bet there are cute boys at the Naval academy. There must be some still around during the summer. I don't know what the military academies do for summer actually... Anyway, you could see about touring that.
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Take them to a baseball game. Nationals park and Camden Yard are both fun even if you're not super into baseball. Take them to see area colleges. At 16 they're probably ready to start thinking about where/what they want to study. If they're not too cool, take them to the zoo or the aquarium.
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The beach. Take them down to Sandy Point (kind of sucky), or drive a couple hours and go to Dewey or Bethany, or even Ocean City. Does anyone you know have a boat? Rivers and the bay are all good ways to spend an afternoon.

A ball game is fun, especially at Camden Yards. And teenaged girls would love Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, and U-Street.
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I second the georgetown suggestion- they can also pop in to see the campus if they're so inclined- and would also add major sights like the white house and various monuments if they haven't visited dc before. Don't overdo it with tours or anything, but show them. The memories I have of visiting the vietnam memorial, arlington, etc as a teenaged girl still shape the way I conceive of and behave in this world.
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Jeez, why leave Annapolis? They're from Kansas - what about all the stuff to see/do on the water? Look for a boat rental. Rent some kayaks. Go have dinner at one of the seafood places on Kent Island.

If you really want to bring them into DC, the 930 club is all ages all the time. Unfortunately the shows at the end of the month are not at all hip-hop (though Old 97s sounds kinda cool... I might go myself) but I know when I was 16 the number of live music venues I could get into was slim to none.
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Take them to the National Mall. I've taken teenage relatives all over the Mall and they seemed particularly interested in the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and the Capitol. They love taking pictures of themselves and each other in front of these places that they've seen on TV. Other big hits: Natural History Museum (dinosaurs, Hope Diamond), American Indian Museum, National Gallery of Art.

Remind them to wear their most comfortable shoes and take frequent hydration breaks. Being a tourist in DC is hard work!
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A few friends and I went on a school trip to DC last year, when we were all 17 or so. Hands down most fun thing we did, IIRC, was wander around Georgetown for an afternoon. Hit up the shopping, eat at random restaurants, ogle the college boys, whatever. I speak from experience: teenage girls can keep themselves entertained. Ghost tours? Cool if they're the type and are in to it, but are just as likely to be met with an eye roll and an "Uhh... whateverr..." Seriously, don't focus on structuring all your time. Monuments are great, but H&M is probably a safer bet.
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The Baltimore Inner Harbor has the Aquarium, shops and a bunch of other crap that teenagers like.
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Definitely an afternoon shopping/wandering around in Georgetown.

Ice cream in downtown Annapolis? Agreeing that there's probably some cute midshipmen around that they can giggle at.

Definitely something on the water.

Please ask them before you take them on a big monument/museum tour, other than maybe a drive by if you're already downtown. When I was a 16 year old girl I would have *hated* that but I would have been polite and played along. Maybe print out/email some links on possible things like that and ask what interests them. I would probably include the Spy Museum too.
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