Vacation group accomodations in Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs CO
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Hotel/House rental ideas for 8-10 guys in Grand Junction and/or Glenwood Springs CO area?

I've got an annual trip coming up in September with 10-12 guys for 3-4 days. This year we are heading to the Grand Junction/Glenwood Springs area of Colorado.

Outside of major chain hotels, can anyone give recommendations for places to stay? Proximity to food and I mean, beer and food, are a big plus. We'll probably be hanging out, playing poker, etc. so suites are preferable to hotel rooms. Kitchen facilities also a plus.

I think the tentative plan is that we will be in Grand Junction area for a couple of nights, Glenwood Springs for one.

This is year 3 of this question. Year 1 yielded perfect advice for Portland, where we stayed (and loved) at the Northrup Inn. Year 2 not so much for Santa Fe, where we found a rental house through other means.
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Don't know what a good hotel might be. I'll just say that the Ramada Inn in GJ is a dump.
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It might not be what you are looking for, but the best hotel in Glenwood Springs is the Hotel Colorado. While you are there, I'd recommend checking out the Yampa Vapor Caves.
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With that many people I would go for a rental house - easier to hang out together, can save $ by buying breakfast and snacks at the grocery store. I have had very good luck finding places on Just take a careful count of the number of beds in the property. Sleeps 8 may mean only 4 beds, which may be more intimacy than your friends are interested in :)
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