H&M LAD from NYC to H-Town
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Is there any way for me to buy H&M LAD fit jeans in the South?

I recently took a trip to New York and took the opportunity to shop at H&M. There are NO H&Ms in Texas, where I live, and the closest one is many hundreds of miles away, so it was a neat thing for me. The jeans there, the LAD fit, fit PERFECTLY. They are the first pair of jeans I have liked that much since a very expensive pair of couture jeans I bought once used at a resale shop, but at half the price.

I've been watching eBay, but there don't seem to be any pairs in my size showing up. H&M also has no catalog or internet sales. Is there some way, aside from making a friend in NYC and sending a check, that I can get more of these pants?

Alternately, does anyone know a pair of jeans that fit JUST LIKE the LAD jeans that I could find in Houston, that would sell in the sub-$40 range?
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It really is a case of 'make friends in H&M-friendly cities'. I've had people send H&M and Zara stuff over from the UK as gifts, though the recent openings in Atlanta will make my wife very happy.

(And Atlanta's only 800 miles away, no, really. The second nearest is Las Vegas.)
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If you can't find them on eBay (that would have been my first suggestion if you weren't doing it already) maybe you want to post this to jobs? You'd have to pay a small premium, of course, but if these jeans are in fact perfect, it might be worth it.
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