What to do in Providence?
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Providence Rhode Island Filter: Brother is here for the first time and is leaving this Sunday. We have a car, like food, music and art.

I've lived in RI for a few years now, and there are still things that I haven't done yet, so please, all suggestions welcome.
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Have you gone to Julian's or Nick's on Broadway? Take him to Nick's for breakfast. (Hrmm, you're a cook, you probably know the good restaurants anyway)

The Time Capsule is a great used record shop, among other things.

I had a really nice walk from the train station to the coffee exchange via Waterplace and all those walkways, but I'm weird like that, and I only see my hometown 3-4 times a year anyway.
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Newport Beach Summer Jazz Series Friday night Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra.

Newport Art Museum and Art Association.

Brick Alley Pub and Restaurant.
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If it's running, the ferry to Newport is a cool way for your brother to see parts of Narragansett Bay without having to drive to the beach.
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the RISD Museum is an excellent small art museum.
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Not the Newport Kite Festival is this Saturday and Sunday out on Bretton Point. Kites are kinda artsy... Do that and then Flo's for some clams. Or visa versa.
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The South County (East Beach, Charlestown, Napatree Pt) beaches are well worth the ride.
Beaver Tail in Jamestown must do. While there check out the State Pier and look at all the hubbub over in Newport. Buy some lobsters right off the boat in Galilee. Day trip to Block Island.
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I second going to Newport.

The Black Rep has their annual Sound Session music festival going on every night this week and through the weekend.
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If you have not had the fantastic pancakes at Brickway on Wickenden, you have NOT YET been to Providence. I recommend either banana-chocolate chip or I-think-it's-called Tropical, with kiwi, melon, and banana chunks.

Seconding the RISD art museum. And it's summer; you're going to waterfire right?
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Go to AS220..
and/or the Black Rep downtown Providence.

For pancakes etc I loooove the Modern Diner, Pawtucket..
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Seconding Newport, the beaches, and Waterfire, although there is not a Waterfire scheduled for this weekend.

I'm also a huge fan of various restaurants on Federal Hill/Atwells Avenue. Providence, and Rhode Island in general, have some tremendous restaurants for us foodies.

Rhode Island is a gold mine for music, especially with Sound Session happening. But there are so many bars that usually have live music on weekends.
Providence: Tazza, Olives, and Cav usually have live music.
East Greenwich: Harbourside, 20 Water Street, and the restaurant in between them, whose name escapes me.
Newport: One Pelham East, Newport Blues Cafe

For more Newport advice, check out this thread.
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All of these suggestions are swell. Might I also suggest The Edge on Wayland Square for their cupcakes, Atwells Avenue for its Italian food and my favorite bookstore in Providence, Ada Books, which is just around the corner from my favorite café in Providence, White Electric. AS220 has some interesting looking shows this weekend and next door at Perishable Theatre there's the 10-minute Play Festival (in the interest of full disclosure, I'm reading at the 10-minute Play Festival tonight, but not tomorrow or Sunday). Oh, and What Cheer? Brigade are playing at Providence Sound Session tomorrow and you should totally check them out. They're quite unlike anything else.
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The Providence Daily Dose always has listings of what's going on in the city at any given night. I always make sure to check there. For a more hipster audience, there's also the forums on Lots of Noise.

That being said, go to Sound Session, especially on Saturday. There will be a huge parade and live music and festivities and general awesome. It's really one of the best things Providence has to offer - so kudos on your good timing!
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