Chicago loop: Where can I find a healthy daily breakfast?
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Chicago loop: Where can I find a healthy daily breakfast?

I eat breakfast daily before work near the Art Institute. I'm sick of muffins, bagels, even oatmeal is too unhealthy for me (it's just not tasty without sugar, etc).

Looking for something like veggie omelettes prepared fresh (and hopefully fast). Near Monroe and Michigan.
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Have you tried "Under 55", the cafeteria under 55 East Monroe? I think you can get breakfast there starting at 7. I'm not sure any of the options qualify as "healthy" but it is very close and I think you can get an omelette there.
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Best answer: Caffé Baci has an egg white omelet that I like. It's counter service, and they cook the eggs in front of you.
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Best answer: Spa Cafe.. LaSalle at Monroe. Has the bonus of serving coffee from Intelligentsia beans, which doesn't taste as good as coffee from Intelligentsia but is better than coffee from MacDonald's. The breakfast menu isn't online, but veggie omelets fresh & fast are on it. Also the muffins and oatmeal they serve are truly delicious, so if you get unsick of them, I recommend it!
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Spa Cafe menu can be found here
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bxg: that's old menu. They changed the entire menu this month
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fwiw, you might save money by making your own breakfast from things that are easy to prep and pack the night before. mix and match to your satisfaction: yogurt or cottage cheese, a hard-boiled egg, a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese, some high-fiber cereal.
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I'm not a huge Jamba Juice fan, but their breakfast smoothies are pretty good. They have locations throughout the Loop - check out their site for one near you (caution: annoying flash.)
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