Where can I find a hairy baby?
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Tragically, I'm looking for a baby doll for ToddlerTaff that looks like her-ish.... to assist in the arrival of her new brother or sister. Google fails me with the specifics...

It needs to be Asian looking, newborn, with hairy hair and genitals, preferably of the female variety (not hairy) with a plastic body (also not hairy).

I can find all of the requisite traits, but not in the one doll.

Is this a difficult thing to find in a doll, or am I just a google-moron?

Any advice about dolls and daughters is also gratefully accepted. I hate them passionately... but ToddlerTaff adores them and she's going to need a "friend" when the little one arrives, I guess.

Budget: open. But I'm really, really, really averse to those dolls that look like live babies that are for folk with "issues"... the customised creepy live looking babies. Thanks possums!

p.s. i looked here and didn't find anything appropriate.... except for bitty baby, but they don't have genitals. Toddlertaff is going to want to bathe this little sucker.
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Oooooh, I'm in Australia so it would have to be an online store... unless it was in Sydders.
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Sounds like the search terms you want are: anatomically correct vinyl Asian baby doll. Here is just one example; there are many more.
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Using phunniemee's technique, here's one with (ugly) hair.
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Phunniemee, that's great google advice. Thanks. I had found the doll you found... perfect but for the hair.

K8T did well... but is correct. That hair is appalling!

I'll have a google-squizz using your suggestion... but if anyone else cares to help, I'd be eternally grateful.
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This site has some dolls, but it is sort of a pain to browse.
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K8T, so far I can't improve on your bad-haired suggestion..... oh God, ToddlerTaff is doomed!
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Is it that you want your daughter to be able to brush the doll's hair? Because babies are frequently bald, and it shouldn't be too hard to explain to her one way or the other when TeenyTaff comes out with a different coiffure.

You could also attempt to cut the other doll's awful hair.
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Here's a girl with better hair, but the hair is painted.
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ooh here is one (scroll to Designer: DOLL FACTORY ASIAN DOLLS - Beautiful 17 inch Preemie Boy and Girl)

and here is one on ebay for $15

personally i'd go with the $35 wacky hair doll - kids like quirky. :)
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There are lots of home-based craft entrepreneurs who will make a doll to your exact specifications. The ones I've seen are fabric, though, not plastic. Here's one I've been looking at for my daughter; scroll down to see all the hair and skin options. Search for "Waldorf dolls" (along with Asian, anatomically correct, etc.) for similar.
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I was just checking out Target or Walmart the other day with a friend and she remarked on how many different kinds of baby dolls they have, in terms of color/race/what have you. When we were kids, we got white and..... white. At whichever store we went to (either of those), they did have asian baby dolls - I remember this because an entire discussion about the baby doll revolved around the Future Mr DamnJezebel, who is Korean, and what our kids would look like.

Since said dolls were not (that I recall) pictured without clothing, there's no way for me to tell. So, I guess I'm saying don't discount the discount stores.
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