Tell me about academic job websites across the globe!
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Do other countries have an equivalent of the UK's, where pretty much all academic jobs are advertised?
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US has and the Chronicle for Higher Education (
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For choice, I would use, which has many more jobs of all kinds. Chronicle has many high-end teaching and admin positions, but also a certain smattering of colleges you have never ever heard of who (maybe) think they get more attention in print than on the web.
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If you google Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. you'll see that there are apparently multiple sites for different geographic regions of the US (ew). There are also listings on the Nature and New Scientist websites.
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This thing I really like about the chronicle site is that you can create agents to notify you of jobs in a certain geographical area meeting your criteria.

A lot of institutions seem to use a particular ASP for their internal jobs site, which has the most abominable design known to human kind, since none of the urls are bookmarkable, it's all in frames, and all links are javascript-based.
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It depends very much on your field. If you're in English and looking for a position in the US, the gold standard is the Modern Language Association. Most humanities/english jobs are posted via the MLA/JIL job search site. You need a username and login though - most English departments have one. I don't know whether individual members have access through membership in the MLA.

In the sciences I don't know - IEEE, maybe? If you do some googling it shouldn't be too hard to find out. Also, check with your own department - they should know.

As others have said, the Chronicle of Higher Education career section is also excellent, cross-disciplinary (and free).
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