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I'm looking for a way to let members of my forum create an individual "member page" for themselves, or have it created for them automatically upon being accepted into a certain usergroup, that they could fill out with miscellaneous info. To be more precise, the forum revolves an online game, and the member page would have details about their characters, background stories, etc. It doesn't really have to be tied to their forum account, although it would be a smooth way to handle it from the user standpoint. Except I'm clueless on how to make this work.

The board is hosted on space I own, under a domain I own. So theoretically anything is possible in the technical department, minus my lack of knowledge. There are so many forum softwares out there, and gallery softwares, but I don't even know where to begin to look for something that offers the functionality I want. Is this a feature I'll have to script in myself (difficulty level: probably high, but if that's the only way, point me in the right direction!), or is there another way for the php uninitiated?

Extra details: I'm using Simple Machine Forums, and ideally I'd like the pages created once someone is of the right usergroup (to differentiate between game members and visitors). Though as I said, being attached as part of the board isn't a real necessity.

All help mightily appreciated. If extra details are needed for you to answer, just poke!
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This is the page to additional modules, some of which seem like they might be what you're looking for. This is the custom profile mod. And here is the community forum. All will be revealed, grasshopper.
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If you're not 100% committed to Simple Machines, you could create a members-only network on Ning, which would do everything you want out of the box (and more, I believe).
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Or you could do it on KickApps which is much easier to use.
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