What to do in Curacao
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Honeymoon Filter: 9 days in Curacao in early August -- what to do?

We'll be at the lodge Kura Hulanda on the northern tip of the island for half the stay, and at a resort in Willemstad for the other half. We're not much on the club scene, but referrals for any other cultural, food, or natural-wonder related excitements would be great.

I'm sure we'll do plenty of snorkeling and diving, so if you have any tips on that -- the more specific the better. Also, I hear there's no surfing there, but if you've heard different, I'd love to know about it.
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Check out the Dolphin Academy in Willemstad. You can book a 'swim with the dolphins' experience, which I highly recommend.

They generally have 6 people in a group with 2 dolphins, and they video it, take pictures, and let you interact with the dolphins a lot.

That's all I did when I was there (I work on a cruise ship, so was only there for a day), but it's one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

Hope that helps!
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