Anyone out there know how to braid?
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Does anyone out there have instructions for braiding this pattern (the belt)?

If that photo's too small, this is similar.
Alternately, 1) a traditional name for this pattern or 2) even a source for something like this which I could reverse-braid-engineer, preferably belt-sized, would be okay.
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It looks like a thousand friendship bracelets I made when I was a kid. Here are some patterns that might be what you're looking for: one, two, three, four.
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It's just a flat plait, I think of 20 strands, in two colors arranged in 5-end bundles. You'd start out with twenty ends, in colors A and B, and arrange them like this:


cross the two center ends over each other, and then weave the ends seperately out to the sides; repeat. This creates the plaid look - the two colors meet up with themselves to create solid areas and then split again in a predictable pattern (alternately, take the two outer ends and weave them to the center; cross them over each other, repeat). This type of flat plaiting is often called finger weaving (scroll to bottom). Here's the alternate method.
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