Looking for innovative OFFLINE ways to display and share my photos
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I'm looking for innovative OFFLINE ways to display and share my photos.

I'm interested in photography and have amassed a collection of my photos that I display on the web (there's a sample in my profile for anyone who's interested).

However I'm getting tired of using the medium of the screen as a way of displaying and sharing my photos. Printing the photos and hanging them on the wall is rather dull and obvious.

I'm looking for suggestions for displaying and sharing personal photos in 2008 that are fresh, cheap and relatively straightforward to implement. Extra points for using alternative and surprising media that haven't yet been thought of as a channel for digital art.

What are your experiences and ideas?
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The Rasterbator. If you could figure a way to tranfer the printed images to another medium (like... wood?) it would be pretty amazing.
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Martha Stewart has a bunch of ideas. I like some of them: photo accordion, photo cube, and bottle caps.
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Moo mini cards?
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In college, I took my rejected prints and strung them together with binder clips and used them as window shades.

I have a friend who has set up one of those digital photo frames as a backdrop to an aquarium. It's behind it, not in it, but still very cool.
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Bind a bunch of prints into a flip-book inside a mutoscope. A friend did this by pasting a bunch of photos into a battery-powered rolodex.
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Photojojo had two good ideas: Magnetic Photo Rope, FotoClips (I'm totally getting those).

Also, my fiance and I haunt antique markets for old doors and windows, and then use the glass in them to display photos. Hang a chain on the back and you've got a really "interesting" picture frame to hang on the wall, lean up against a corner, etc.
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(Meant to mention re: the old doors and windows - we picked up the last one at an antique market for $15, WAY cheaper than framing and more unique to boot.)
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Put them on cupcakes. If your audience finds the photo dull there is always the cupcake.
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Best answer: Oh, also maybe Blurb? It's great to be able to pull out a book to show visitors (esp. non-techy ones) and it's also portable so you can take it with you on family visits, etc.
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Well aside from Flickr and the usual printing and framing, I have...

... used my photos as my computer desktop wallpaper. I get asked about them all the time.

.. purchased Moo Cards. I've used them as business cards, bookmarks, and I even put some magnets on them and stuck them to my fridge.

... had them printed on 5x7 greeting cards for friends and family.

... made a 12 month wall calendar (zazzle, lulu) that makes great gifts!
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Oh, and I forgot to mention photo books! You can make them though a variety of companies these days. They can also make great gifts, or just something fun and unique to put on your coffee table.
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