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Looking for a Wordpress plug in that would combine posts and comments in with a message board.

I'd like to find a seamless way to bridge blog comments with a message board. Hopefull, this exists and someone can just steer me to the utility or plug in, or maybe just tips on how to make it happen.

How it would (hopefully) work:

1. Author publishes a post just like normal.
2. The message board automatically pulls the post and creates a new thread with it, crediting author as the poster.
3. When blog readers click to comment, they'd automatically be brought to the message board.
4. The blog entry itself would display number of comments as number of replies on the message board thread.

I know there are plugins that give comments the look of message board hierarchy, but I'm hoping for something that will naturally draw traffic to a hosted message board.
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Something like this perhaps?
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Unsomnambulist, take a look at this wordpress post. The integration is only one-way, but it sounds like that's what you want. Scroll down the front page and you'll see that it counts the forum posts as comments.

Send me a message if you'd like me to clean up and release to code.
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