Large panoramic posters to cover a wall?
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I'd love to buy some Andreas Gursky posters for my new apartment, but alas they don't sell them anywhere. Can anyone suggest or link me to other panorama-like posters that are funky and cool and can cover a large wall? Thanks!
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A lithograph of Gursky's "Chicago, Board of Trade II" is available at, though it's not very large.

Peter Turnley has a number of monochromes which are worth a look.
You could also check out Richard Estes and maybe get some Wayne Thiebaud prints for the kitchen.
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You could always go the 70's funky route with a huge wall mural. Here are some winners!
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I've been trying to talk the megaplexes around here out of the large banners for films for similar purposes. You might try that route.
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I saw something in the Urban Outfitters catalog that was a few rolls of wallpaper that made a forest scene or something.
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I got a print of 99 Cent at the MoMA itself, and they generally carry exhibition prints for a long time, even if the online store doesn't have them. It was about $25 (unframed), and hangs in my living room as a great conversation piece.
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