Are Elmira stoves good stoves, or do they just look good?
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Is anyone familiar with Elmira stoves, especially the Northstar? My mother wants to know if they are anything special besides the obvious retro-charm appeal. My instinct is to tell her if she is going to spend this much to buy a Wolf, which is a fraction of the price. I think if the Elmiras are as well-performing as Wolfs or Vikings she might want one regardless of the cost. (I found this, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.)

She wants a gas range and I think she is OK with a gas oven. The Elmiras just seem ridiculously expensive to me, and I used to love the Wolf ranges in professional kitchens. I just talked to her and she said the Elmiras sound too expensive to her, too. But she doesn't like stainless and finds that it tends to rust in their beachfront home.

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Best answer: Man, if it is just looks what about Lacanche, La Cornue, or Godin? I myself have a Blue Star which works fine but maybe still too commercial looking for your Mom.
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Best answer: First hand account of an Elmira.
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