Wedding anniversary in Brooklyn?
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We're celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this week and need some help on planning sights/activities in and around the Brooklyn Bridge.

I'm planning on a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge around sunset and then dinner and/or drinks at the South St. Seaport (I know, touristy, but we used to go there a lot when we were first dating), so I would like to be able to do some interesting stuff in Brooklyn beforehand, preferably near the bridge on the Brooklyn side.

Ideally I'd like to *perhaps* visit the Brooklyn Museum (I know, not near the BB), wander around some scenic neighborhood with shops and eateries, find a nice Italian restaurant to have dinner at, walk to and then across the BB and then to the seaport.

Any suggestions?
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A must see: Olafur Elliasson's The New York City Waterfalls.

Congratulations on your 15th. We recently celebrated ours as well. 1993 was a good year!
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I am not a fan of hot chocolate, but the cup that I drank from Jacques Torres Chocolate was amazing.
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Check out David Byrne's new installation at the Maritime building south of the seaport.
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Best answer: In Brooklyn, you'll want to walk to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

For an Italian restaurants close to the Brooklyn Bridge, your best bet is probably Noodle Pudding. Note, however, they don't take reservations and can get crowded.

Other options in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO include:
-River Cafe (super-expensive, the food doesn't necessarily justify the price, but the view and setting is spectacular)
-Five Front (nice garden)
-Henry's End (excellent food, less ambiance than these other options)
-Le Petit Marche (French)
-Jack the Horse (great drinks)
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The Chocolate Room in Park Slope is really fantastic. It's kind of in between the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Bridge--maybe not quite walkable to the bridge unless you really like walking (about 2.5 miles), but easy if you were going to take the train or bus even part way. They are opening a branch in Cobble Hill but I'm not sure if that's happened yet or not.

The waterfalls are very neat, so seconding the recommendation to check those out.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions everyone, thanks! Please keep them coming!
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Take the FREE ferry to Governor's Island and enjoy the view, including the ability to see ALL of the waterfalls from one location (besides the Seaport). There is also a Waterfall on Governor's Island. You can rent a bike, walk around, enjoy the view. It leaves from the Maritime Building next to the Staten Island Ferry, so a quick walk from the Seaport.

Noodle Pudding is great! Cash only and closed on Wednesdays I think, though. But the walk there from the Bridge is also wonderful.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your suggestions.
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