Good examples of video testimonials?
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Can anyone recommend websites that have used video testimonials successfully? We are trying to find examples of good use of video testimonials on a website to encourage interaction, demonstrate the quality of the product/service, establish a personal connection with the user, etc. Does anyone know of websites that use this method in a nice looking and effective way? Thanks!
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I have never seen a site that actually had video testimonials I ever bothered to watch. Ever.

The closest I've come is Will It Blend, which to be fair really has given me a good impression of the quality of Blendtec's products.

Otherwise - encourage interaction? Establish a personal connection? Sorry, I'm looking for information, not... video.
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Ektron has some, but I tend to agree with Tomorrowful. I think it depends on who you're trying to reach: if it's executives/ marketing people/ pursestring holders, video might work, but if you're trying to connect with technical people, text might be superior. Good screencasts straddle the two.
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G Diapers
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I like, discussed here on the blue. I don't know if what you see there counts as "testimonials", since the people are very likely paid actors, but I find the presentation very personable and effective.
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Video and interaction are usually orthogonal. User generated testimonials are universally boring. You need a spokesman, and s/he needs to be entertaining to watch.

The one that really comes to mind, as an example of a video/web marketing project done fairly well is norelco's shave everywhere (complete with the sort of irreverant tone that shows that the copywriters weren't transplanted scriptwriters, but people who understand how the web is different from TV, is different from print). And, of course, the actor playing the spokesman absolutely nailed it.

This website, nearly singlehandedly, established a new product category (or a new market into which to sell what amounts to another beard trimmer), with a target audience that is notoriously hard to reach.
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There are product reviews and walkthroughs on the Dell website's configurator and CNET. These are not customer testimonials, but I think that would work well in both cases.
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Best answer: The ones 37Signals have for basecamp are pretty well done, the Coudal one in particular:
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Best answer: here is a medical device company with patient testimonials.
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I don't know how I stumbled upon this, as I have no kids, but MAN do I want one so I can swaddle it with this!!!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! you really were a lot of help!! :)
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