How to prevent Flash from stealing keyboard focus in Forefox
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How can I prevent flash from stealing my keyboard focus in Firefox on Win XP?

I constantly use ctrl-tab and other keyboard shortcuts to flip between tabs in Firefox, and invariably some stupid flash application will steal keyboard focus, and I must use the mouse to click somewhere to regain it. Is there an add-on or other trick I can use to never let flash take certain key combinations, and only send them to Firefox? Does Greasemonkey allow this?
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There's an item about flash in this post about other antagonistic file types.
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It's Bug 78414, and if I read the 200+ comments correctly, it's kind of hard to fix.
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Note that the bug has been open for 7 years! And although I'm sure it's hard to fix, most of the discussion seems to be about what the browser's correct behavior should be in cases like this: pass some key combos to the browser, pass them all, pass none (what it does now I think), let the flash app choose what to pass, etc.
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