Distillation - VLE Database?
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Separation filter: Where do you get your VLE diagrams, or the boiling point data used to make them? Bonus points if you have a link that will walk me through sizing (trays, diameter, height...) of a distillation column.

I have Perry, King, and some other reference books, but no textbooks, and no library to speak of. The system I'm specifically working with is C3H6-C3H8. I hoped I would never need to do this in real life, but I was wrong.
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This is a PP splitter.

There's a paper here that talks about some of the design details - not sure you will find the VLE data you need here. It refers to another paper on conceptual design, which I haven't found on line, but given you don't have library access, perhaps one of our librarian friends can help.

23. Olujic, Z, Sun, L, Rijke, A de, Jansens, PJ, (2004), Conceptual design of an energy efficient propylene splitter., In: R Rivero, L Monroy, R Pulido G Tsatsaronis (Eds.), ECOS 2004: 17th Int.conference on efficiency, costs, optimization, simulation and environmental impact of energy and process systems (pp, 61-78), México: Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo.

It is suggested that this was also published in the Journal Energy in 2006.

You could contact Dr Olujic.
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