New n800. Now what?
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I just bought a used Nokia n800 Internet Tablet. Recommend accessories, software, uses?

I figure to use it as an audio player (both streaming audio from the net, and playing things on cards), as a network remote control around the home, for casual gaming, as a PIM (best I can), and for net access. I'm wide open to suggestions for a case, accessories to keep it charged, uses I may not have thought of, and your favorite apps.

Yes, this is open-ended, but no moreso than any number of Palm threads in the past. If you think it's too much so, please flag it and accept my apologies.
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The CA-100 USB charging cable is super-handy, and ridiculously expensive. There's a much cheaper knockoff, but you might get what you pay for--this one melted while in use.

The iGo Stowaway is a pretty good folding keyboard, if you're going to be doing much text entry. It sometimes goes on sale for around $30; at that price, it's a bargain. I'm not sure I'd pay the $60 it looks like it's going for right now, though.

If you're going to use it as an audio player, you might as well install the FM radio app. It doesn't have a built-in antenna, so you'll need to plug headphones in to get any reception, even if you're listening through the speakers.

Your PIM options are slim. Your best bet may be to install the Garnet VM and use Palm apps. If you find something better, I'd love to hear about it.

If you like text adventures, grab GFrotz. My favorite media player is Canola, although MPlayer is also good, and may be able to play files that Canola can't. Pidgin is much better than the built-in instant messaging app, and Claws Mail is better than the built in mail app in almost every respect (no s/mime in Claws for Maemo, unfortunately). FBReader is a pretty good e-book app. For retro gaming LucasArts-style, ScummVM is awesome. Advanced Backlight is a statusbar app that lets you control volume and brightness in a single slot, rather than taking two.

There's a bunch of good stuff out there. If you haven't checked it out already, visit Internet Tablet Talk for more.
posted by hades at 8:27 PM on July 7, 2008 [1 favorite] is pretty much the definitive source for new developing apps.

A big second to FBReader. I bought the Nokia for this purpose, and the ability to flip the screen 90 degrees along with the side buttons make this the easiest-to-use ebook reader I've ever seen. It has its problems, but all in all, works well.

Vagalume is an awesome Last.FM player, making the device a good Internet radio.

Don't forget its potential use as an Internet phone. The built-in phone app uses Google Talk protocol, and works really well held up to your face or with headphones.

Running the lesser Nokia 770, FWIW
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Thanks, folks.

Is there any advantage to any one of the forms of memory card as opposed to the others? I've read complaints of the n800 corrupting SDHC cards -- has that been sorted?
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Numpty physics is a fun game. I was impressed by how Quake runs on it but I don't really play it.

I often use Skype to make international phone calls and the call quality has been great (compared to the problems I've had with Skype for Linux).

A useful resource which makes installing additional repositories easy is here.

I just wished that Stellarium ran on it but it doesn't seem to. Does anyone know any substitute planetarium type applications? After seeing the Palm VM above I might try one of the Palm apps to the do the job.
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Astronmist has a free version that likely works in the Garnet Palm emulator

I've been watching steaming videos lately using kmplayer, see the InternetTabletTalk thread about Internet TV...

Some good games, such as a Bejweled clone Battlejewel.

There is a new update to the OS called "diablo" which looks interesting, though I'm waiting a couple weeks to update to let everything settle down.

Some people have ported Google's Android over, you might find that is interesting to play with. Strictly for early early adopters at this point.

Evince is a good PDF reader. is a good centralized download location.

I've installed Basilisk which is a MacOS emulator that lets you run classic MacOS System 7.5 era applications.
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FBreader for ebooks.
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Thanks bottlebushtree, Astromist does indeed work with the Garnet emulator.
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