With sunburned lips, you don't even need Botox...
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My lips keep getting sunburned despite using SPF lip balm. How can I make it stop?

I have never in my life experience sunburned lips until this year, and so far this year I've had three bad lip sunburns (they all follow a red and peeling/huge and puffy and painful/unswollen but painfully sensitive schedule over the course of 3-5 days). I thought at first I was allergic to the lip balm I was using so I switched to one with different ingredients, but same deal. The only thing that has changed this year is that I *have* started using SPF 30 lip balm, when to date I never bothered. Is it possible I'm not letting my lips get tan enough to protect themselves or something? How can I make this stop?

FWIW I've been using SPF 30 EcoLips, Blistex, and/or Aveeno (so far Aveeno has been the most successful at prevention until I spent a day on the beach last weekend... but I work on a boat most days and it hadn't been a problem till the beach).
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Zinc Oxide ointment. You'll have white lips, but they'll be blocked from all sun.

Like a lifeguard. Or Jeff Spicoli. Or my sister in 1983.
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This may not be the case, because you say that you've switched lip balms, but I've found that I'm allergic to the sunscreen in the balm itself, or at least something that goes with it. If I use a balm with sunscreen in it, my lips peel, so it might be what you're experiencing.
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Try rubbing regular sunblock on and around your lips in the morning before you go out. I do this with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock, and I don't have any problems with it getting into my mouth.
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Wear a hat with enough brim to shade your mouth.
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You don't say how often you apply it - it may be SPF 30, but if you'd otherwise burn in 5 minutes, SPF 30 only gets you 5 x 30 minutes of protection, i.e. 2.5 hours.
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Zinc. And a hat.
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