Why is my penis falling asleep?
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Within the past 2 weeks or, I'll just be sitting around and my penis will fall asleep. This has never happened before to me, but it's happened at least 5 or 6 times now. Should I be worried? Is this something I should see a doctor for?
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You know... it's numb. That's what I call being sleep.
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Have you tried googling numb penis? There seems to be a lot there.
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Is it like your foot falling asleep? Did you sit on it? Kudos if you did, but I'd be worried if my penis fell asleep and I would go see a doctor.
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When limbs fall asleep, it's because blood circulation is cut off or hampered in some way. Do you get pins and needles as well? You get those when the blood rushes back in after circulation is restored. I would check your sitting position as well as whether your underwear or pants are too tight around the crotch area. If none of those seem like the culprit, go to a doctor! My two cents.
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According to my ex-boyfriend, this happened to him because he was bike-riding a lot. Which I've heard about elsewhere. As this is bike-riding season, could that be a reason?
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you may be pinching a nerve. have you changed the way you sit, what you sit on, switched whatever pocket you keep your wallet in, or started wearing tight pants? or have you maybe gained a little weight, making your pants a bit tighter than usual?

i'd check it out with a doctor, just to make sure you're not cutting off circulation.
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Should I be worried? Is this something I should see a doctor for?

Dude. You have lost feeling.




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This is usually due to bike-riding or horseback-riding, pressure on those pudendal nerves along their course in the perineal area. It can also be a sign of more widespread systemic illness though, so I have to agree that a doctor should probably take a poke at it.
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I get this occasionally when riding a motorcycle. Usually don't notice until I stop for a break. Always, er, comes back to life much faster than if the same thing happens to my leg, but the mass is, sadly, considerably less. In my case, it's a function of the seat, leg position, etc.
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Does it only happen when you're sitting? If you're sitting on some kind of a saddle — bicycle, motorcycle, horseback — or similar, it may be putting pressure on the nerve and blood vessel that provide information and nutrition to your penis. They go from back to front, right between your legs, kinda from your asshole to your balls. Most of the places we sit are pretty flat and support our weight without hitting that area, but a saddle-like seat can easily compress that area and cause the symptoms you describe. If this seems to be the case, then quit sitting on the saddle and see if it goes away. Otherwise, go see a doctor.
Oh, and by the way, IANAD.
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A hemorrhoid could be pressing on something.
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