A quick fonts question
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How do I find out what font a particular website is using?

I looked in View Source of a couple of pages and I couldn't find the answer there. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Are you using Firefox? The add-on called "Firebug" can easily find the answer for you.
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The font is most likely set in some nested css file. You could just copy-paste the text into a word processor and see what font the text is in. Or give us the website's address.
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put a screenshot into Whatthefont
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Font tags, generally speaking, are considered deprecated, if that's where you were trying to look. If the page uses CSS, find the url of the stylesheet file in the page source and open that. Look for it inside a "link" tag, in the head of the page code, with attribute rel="stylesheet".

If the page uses Flash or lots of images for its text, however, you're out of luck. Sometimes something like whatthefont.com can help with fonts in images but not always.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - firebug is a very useful add on. It does what aught suggests to do but...automagically.
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Firebug is cool, as it also allows you to change the font, font size, etc and see the result live without having to use a HTML editor. It's invaluable if you are considering changing fonts, etc and want to see the potential effect.
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You can do the same thing with the stock DOM inspector by looking at the "computed style" output.
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Another handy tool that is quite common is identifont. Especially handy when trying to identify a printed font that you don't have a scan of.
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The web developer toolbar for firefox has a 'view style information' window which displays the styles applied to whatever the cursor is pointing at. For images and logos I use whatthefont, the best website evar.
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