Moving from a wireless PDA to a smartphone - what connectivity is best?
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Dead wireless PDA walking... [more]

As one of the few people still clinging onto a Palm VII unit, I have nine more days before PQAs become as extinct as the dinosaurs. In addition to knowing the insecurities of 802.11b and Bluetooth, I've recently heard talk of CDPD going by the wayside within a year.

In considering smartphone strategies, should I worry about EDGE or UMTS?
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you get a $100 discount on a treo 600? I've heard good things about them, although i don't personally have one.
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Response by poster: I didn't take advantage of it, as I'm not in any great rush.
I know that I'd like something that'll be upgradable beyond GSM, but it's hard to guess which of the duelling 3G standards may last the longest.
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hey, if it makes you feel any better i'm currently wringing the last few months out of my visorphone (on a prism) in order to wait out the creation of an all in one pda/phone with a 2mp camera (i figure 6 months to a year). currently hp has the h6300 which just came on the market with t-mobile, and supposedly t-mobile is supposed to also get the MDA III, but then again hp has another one on the drawing board and of course motorola has some tricks up thier sleeve too. So many coming so soon that it makes your mouth water.

Of course, all this and yet they still don't have one that fits my sad. I'd suggest keeping your eyes on engadget, but do be warned that it's a dangerous site.
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