Who is publishing in the New Weird and/or Slipstream styles?
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I'm looking for some science fiction publishers who publish in the New Weird and/or Slipstream styles. I know about Tachyon Publications... can you please point me toward others?
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Best answer: My two favorite small presses publish titles in those genres (not exclusively, thankfully) are:
Night Shade Books and Subterranean Press

others are:
Prime Books, Small Beer Press, Golden Gryphon
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Are you looking for more titles to read, or for markets? I assume the latter, based on the phrasing and approach of the question. It's certainly not just a small press phenomenon -- most all of the major SFF publishers have novels on their list that could be categorized as New Weird. Who publishes some of your favorite novels and anthologies in that vein? Are you looking for short fiction markets? If so, I'd recommend Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Electric Velocipede, Sybil's Garage, and Strange Horizons, to start.
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tigerbelly's answer is good, but I just wanted to point out that neither Electric Velocipede nor Sybil's Garage are accepting unsolicited submissions right now. Other short story markets in this vein include Farrago's Wainscot (which opens to submissions at the end of August) and Ideomancer.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the answers so far, y'all. I am indeed looking for markets, primarily novel/novella markets. I have written two novellas that my agent and I are going to try to sell as one package, kind of like the old Ace Doubles. (A Hard Sell, I know.) One of these novellas was excerpted in McSweeney's a few years back. My agent managed to sell this novella to a publisher which then promptly went out of business. D'oh! All rights have since reverted back to me.

Who are the major SFF publishers these days? I am seriously out of the loop. I plan to hit the bookstores and the libraries soon but any nudge y'all can give me in the right direction (small presses or large) is much appreciated.
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Best answer: Well, this is really work that your agent should be doing on your behalf. Make him earn his 15%! That said, here's a list of US SF/F publishers:


Also, from the same wiki, a list of editors from the various houses. You can see some of the books they've brought to market and get a sense for their tastes:


I can see why you'd be looking for smaller or independent publishers, as (even grouped) novellas are a very difficult sell to the majors.
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Response by poster: Thanks, tigerbelly. My agent will be doing the contacting but I like to get a feel for the markets myself, which you have helped me do. Cheers!
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In addition to i_am_a_Jedi's list, PS Publishing specialise in publishing SFF at novella length.

I'd echo what you already know that it will be hard to sell them both as a package.
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Response by poster: Thanks, ninebelow. I'll add it to the list. This PS book looks awesome! (Great title, too).
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