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Help me find a video/article about a race experiment.

I swear I watched this video on Youtube, but for the life of me I can't find it. It was about students in a racially diverse classroom that were encouraged to pick classmates that were presumably their most similar match - genetically. Then they (possibly) did a DNA analysis and it turned out that they were all wrong, because all kids chose their similar classmate on a basis on their skin color.

Does anyone know about this, or am I hallucinating about me watching it?
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Best answer: You are not hallucinating - I remember seeing this on TV. I'm sure it was a PBS show, and after a little searching on I found Race: The Power of an Illusion.
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Response by poster: Ahhh if I only knew it's a PBS thing. I did find the 3rd part of the documentary on Youtube, but the first one where the said experiment happens is unavailable online. I guess I'll have to employ some "other" methods to get to it.

Thanks, very much O9scar. :)
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