Grab a pic, move a mouth, add a voice?
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I'm looking for easy/cheap (free?) software or website to make quick/simple animations for a nephew. Nothing too nutty, because not lots of free time.. maybe like a toned-down version of JibJab where I can use existing photos, make mouths move, and add some dialogue or sounds. Thanks for any help.
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I've been looking for something usable (simple for kids) for awhile - unfortunately I have no real suggestions.

Searching brings up a few - but nothing like what I envision...
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Claymation Studio might be worth a try. They have a free trial.
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Give Blabberize a shot. It's pretty low on the feature set but it's great at setting up a mouth/jaw movement and then having them auto-animate based on sounds.
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I'd try the editing features of Voicethread or Jaycut. Story Creator is also pretty fun, and you might be able to program something like you want with Scratch.
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I too am looking and HAVE been looking for something EXACTLY like JibJab (al a Monty Python)

The above mentioned are more animation DRAWING programs....
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