Scorpion identification?
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Can anyone identify this scorpion? Location: central Texas, the hill country.
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The Striped Bark Scorpion (Centruroides vittatus)?
posted by scoria at 4:10 PM on July 6, 2008

Centruroides vittatus.
posted by kldickson at 4:10 PM on July 6, 2008

Centruroides vittatus, probably a juvenile. Being a TX/OK native, I'm well familiar with them.
posted by tinkertown at 4:11 PM on July 6, 2008

Ultraviolet scorpion
posted by hortense at 5:08 PM on July 6, 2008

Looks like the bark scorpions we get in Vegas. Don't let it sting you!
posted by Jacqueline at 12:55 AM on July 7, 2008

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