What is the best Uninstaller software available?
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What is the best Uninstaller software that could remove program(s) totally without any traces (such as registry files and others) for Windows XP?

I don't care if the Uninstaller is freeware or paid base software.
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The best uninstaller is the one that came with the software you're trying to uninstall. That would be the only one that would know how to uninstall the software.
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Sounds like you want Revo Uninstaller. I've never used it, but Lifehacker readers voted it one of their top 5 Windows maintenance tools.
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Forgot to mention - it's free!
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Revo Uninstaller performs thorough resigtry scans after uninstallation of software and removes left over files. Uninstallers that come with the software are notoriously bad at cleaning up after themselves -as is the Windows uninstaller. It's also free.
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Sorry, should've previewed.
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Another vote for Revo Uninstaller, based on this thread I just used it to uninstall some bits of the CA Security Suite that had been causing me some problems.
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Safarp is a nice replacement for the Add/Remove programs dialogue. Might be useful alongside Revo.
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nthing Revo -- I've had a lot of success using Revo to uninstall some particularly ill-behaved (Norton) programs that resisted all other means of removal.

The interface is quite nice, too.
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Yep, Revo Unistaller is the way to go.
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Ccleaner - acts as both an uninstaller and a registry cleaner. Excellent utility.
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A really useful site for answering this kind of question is Lifehacker. Make sure to read the comments, as these are sometimes more useful than the original post.
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