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How much would it cost to fix this (1,2,3,4) hole in my surfboard?

I have this hole in my surfboard and was wondering if someone in the hivemind could guesstimate how much it would cost to repair.

I know nothing of surfboard repairs and before I drive across the city to the surfboard shop I wanted to have some ballpark number for the repair costs.

Thanks so much!
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by the looks of it it should be an easy repair, I bet you could do it yourself. Go to the local hardware, get a small piece of fiberglass cloth, and some fiberglass resin/epoxy, a sanding block and some sand paper, then follow the directions on the resin. I'm betting a cost of less than $20 doing it that way. You'll have a different color patch, but it will be fine functionally.

I'm not a surfer, but with a boston whaler boat (foam filled fiberglass hull), I would make sure the hull was void of any water before I patched it (if the hole goes into the interior foam). If it does go all the way through the outer skin, don't use it until you repair it.
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Response by poster: A little more information:

The damage occurred when the surfboard was in my apartment standing out and has not been in the water since (so there is no water inside the board.
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Most home ding repairs look like shit, have a pro do it if you care. Call your local surf shop to ask who does repairs in your area or post your location for referrals.

It'll probably cost less than buying resin, cloth, mixing cups, stir sticks, pigment, sandpaper, finishing sandpaper, etc.
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depends if you know someone or not my experience range for a ding like this 40-80$
do it yourself: it wont save you money or time but you might have some fun and learn something. at least i have. mostly i learned how hard it is to be really good at it.
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