How do you make your indie films?
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What are the challenges that independent filmmakers + people working in the industry (actors, crew, etc) face today? What tools do you use currently for the different stages of your production? What do you like about them, what do you wish for?

I am currently conducting research to understand the landscape of independent filmmaking, and where solutions / hacks exist for filmmakers in dealing with the problems.
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This is a pretty broad question. On a macro level filmmakers are facing many of the same problems they have always faced: funding, distribution, production delays, etc...

Before I just start listing things, I think it would benefit your question to be more specific about what kind of data you are looking for. Are you curious about specific brands of equipment such as Final Cut Pro vs Avid? Pros and Cons regarding various flavors of HD video? Final Draft vs Movie Magic Screenwriter? Or rather, are you curious what challenges an independent producer faces in seeing a project through to the finish?

Every step of making a film is a unique challenge. Help us out and try and think more specifically about what you're aiming for.
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This question is super broad. I reccomend going to your favorite book store and just picking up a book about independent film making and browsing through it. That should point you toward other books with more specific focus.

Also, everyone has that one friend with long hair and droopy eyes who's trying to put together an independent film. Just ask him :)
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It is super broad. But I'll tell you a bit about my experience.

I've been in the production of a short on 16mm for about half a year now. I made it with a community of dedicated friends/acquaintances. Main problem is finding funding and equipment. When I found a lighting guy, it was because he was a photographer at the school I go to, he already had the lights, and he didn't mind purchasing new ones to help the film because he could use them for his education. We bought the film, as students, to help our education, and didn't ask for money from anyone (our budget wasn't very high, I think we may have spent 600$ total for this 20 minute film). Then there's access to school equipment, which we managed to find a way to get for free (don't tell anyone), including the camera and a telescine projector/dv recorder. It's all about knowing people, and getting people to trust you.

I always wished for more money. But more than that, time. We rushed the production schedule and are forced to wait to edit the film because I'm studying abroad right now in England. But I suppose that's a students problem.

That's all I can bother to explain for the time being. Stumbled upon this post--some one who looking for the title of aJan Svankmajer film.
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