Warmed & Breaded Goat Cheese in Boston?
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The last time I went into Boston, I was horrified to discover that Ned Devine's in Faneuil Hall no longer served my favorite appetizer of all time: warmed and breaded goat cheese bites. Please help me find another restaurant in the Boston metropolitan area that serves a similar appetizer.

Almost any high-priced restaurant in Boston serves a goat cheese salad, and Stephanie's on Newbury serves an appetizer of warmed goat cheese used as a bread dip, but there's nothing that really approximates the appetizer I enjoyed so much at Ned Devine's.
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Try the Craigie Street Bistrot in Cambridge.
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Avila on Charles Street makes goat cheese croquettes which are supposed to be delicious. Boston.com also has a recipe, if you feel like trying to make them yourself.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but close enough: the Washington Square Tavern in Brookline serves an amazing goat cheese brûlée.
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