What's up with my nipples?
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A few weeks ago my boyfriend was sucking on my nipple and after about 30 seconds he said that he tasted something really sweet. Any idea what that might have been?

He couldn't describe exactly what it tasted like, just sweetness. This happened when I was one or two weeks into my menstrual cycle and I just started my period a few days ago so I know I'm not pregnant. (I've heard that breast milk is sweet.) I'm 23, not on any medications, I've been sexually active for about six years and never been pregnant. I've never heard of this happening to anyone before and it hasn't happened to me since. What came out of my nipple?!
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Breast milk is sweet. It's entirely possible this is what it is. Technical term is galactorrhea if you want to google some. You can squeeze your own nipples to see if you're lactating at all. This isn't that uncommon. Pot smoking, birth control, excessive nipple stimulation and certain types of tumors can cause this. If you notice it yourself or your breasts seem to be engorged and it's bothering you, mention it to your doc.
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First thought has to be breast milk...
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Definitely milk.
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Usually only one thing comes out of nipples.

Otherwise it could have been his imagination. He was probably salivating plenty. And he was certainly in a certain state of mind where things are not always what they seem. Maybe he was just tasting his own saliva, and somehow mistook it as coming out of your nipple. And sexual partners tend to taste good, so that could explain how it seemed sweet to him.
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Do you have nipple piercings? Piercings tend to excret built up sweat that smells kind of sweet (although not in a pleasant way).
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I don't believe there is any reason whatsoever to think this was anything except milk.
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This sometimes happen to my girlfriend too. After enough stimulation I can taste a little sweetness. If you don't have an infection, you're not in pain, and he doesn't care about it, there's no need to freak out.
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Milk or colostrum.
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Some antidepressants have this as a side-effect. Sounds exactly like breast milk.
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Milk, of course. I'm male, but I've lactated in the past. At one time, it was too the point that, when I got strongly aroused, I spotted up my shirt!
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