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i saw this question and answer, which is similar to mine, except that we're planning to leave from nyc/ newark airport and are looking for a relaxing, sunny location for a last-summer esacpe in the caribbean or the west indies... [mi]

we've been looking for some package deals to st. thomas and the virgin islands, but we're open to any suggestions!
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Bermuda is a bit pricey & kinda boring (in a wear-a-jacket-to-dinner sort of way) but if all you want to do is lie on the beach, putt around on a moped, and have candle-lit dinners, etc., it is pretty perfect. It is beautiful, doesn't get too too hot even in August, and it is only about a two-hour flight from NYC. Convenience is probably the biggest selling point: Everyone speaks English, you can use US$$, crime and scams are a non-issue, etc. And if you are an Anglophile, well then it's just right--high tea at 4:00 & so forth.

You can cut costs a bit by staying in a guest apartment with a kitchenette.
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Liberty Travel and Apple Vacations (their site is down as of this writing) are well-known outfits for package tours from the Northeast to the Caribbean and elsewhere.

You probably won't get much help out of them in trying to decide where to go, but once you've got a destination in mind, they'll probably have a deal that gets you there.

Also, there are the ads in the Travel section of the Sunday New York Times.

And their website is pretty amateurish, but I've had good dealings in the past with Crown Travel.
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