Free Vector Graphics/Borders for a Wedding Invitation
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I am looking for the best sights for vector border graphics as I am designing my wedding invitations. Anyone recommend some decent sights? When I googled I did not get many sights with much. Thanks for your time and consideration!
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Forgot to put in the body that I am looking for free ones. Thanks.
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First, it's "sites", not "sights".

To answer your question, a previous question on AskMe yielded free graphics from Briar Press.
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Try a search on istockphoto, they also do vector illustrations as well as photos. Not free but $10 or so isn't much to add to your wedding budget and some of the illustrations are really good quality. I got a couple of backgrounds off there for my invites, turned out really well.
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Thanks only a little for the spelling correction. No coffee today. Thanks a lot for the link, though. Keep up the good work, nathan_teske. You make mefi a good place.
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twistedonion is right on the money, istockphoto is awesome.
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