Cdn flow through shares
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Real-life examples of flow-through shares bought by a Canadian.

I am considering buying flow-through shares to reduce my taxes this year, because of a capital gain. I have already decided not to invest more than $10,000, which would be less than 10% of my net worth. I have done some research and know they're very high-risk. I called one company in Toronto (Middleton's) who said theirs "averaged an increase of 9% at the end of the mandatory holding period, they'd never had one go bankrupt, and the worst they'd had decreased by 50%". A broker I called basically recommended against them, citing the high-risk. However I am still open to investing the $10,000. Any Canadians used this vehicle, and if so, how did it turn out for them?
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Well, I haven't, but since you didn't get any responses I'll suggest maybe visiting one of the Canadian money blogs, like Canadian Capitalist or Million Dollar Journey and reading through the posts and comments on the subject. I found them to be pretty informative.
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