What's a good way to paint benday dots?
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Anyone know a good way to paint benday dots a la Roy Lichtenstein?
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Friend of mine did it, painting a whole wall of her room like this. She did all of the dots by hand. I believe she used a hole-puncher to put slight outlines of the dots on the wall and then went over it with a marker. The rest she did with paint.
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you can make a stencil of them (or pick one up somewhere, or use those pages of adhesive dots--without the dots) and paint thru it, but that'd be dull. Or you can project the dots onto a canvas or whatever and then do it that way. This is apparently how he did it, with a stencil, roller, and brush: Benday dots were made mechanically using a metal stencil in which holes were evenly spaced. Paint was spread over the stencil with a roller and then a scrub brush was used to push the paint through the holes and onto the canvas. As time went by, the artist had assistants paint these dots instead of making them himself.
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Real paint or digital paint? I've been having fun with Photoshop's "Color Halftone" filter. It's pretty cool if you "Fade" the effect using overlay...
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projecting on the wall via an overhead seems pretty straightforward, outline 'em to get proper spacing, then use amberglow's stencil to avoid painting by hand.
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I just talked to my friend about how she did it. She used graphing paper and a hole-puncher to make the stencil she used, and then filled in the holes with marker. The advantage of the graph paper is that you don't have to outline the dots, you can figure out spacing easily without outlining. She has some pictures of what her room looked like when it was all complete, they are here and here. Good luck.
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