Switching Identities in Microsoft Outlook
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Switching Identities in Microsoft Outlook

I'm now at a computer that has Microsoft Outlook instead of Outlook Express. If I want 2 different email boxes/addresses/ etc. - how do I do it? It doesn't seem to have the Identity Switching feature that Outlook Express had.

I can set up another email address but mail to it ends up in my default Inbox.

Can I set up multiple identities?

Can I at least set up my mail so that each identity has a different in and out box?
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Here's the simplest way that I know of:

1) Set up multiple accounts...POP, IMAP or whatever
2) Under "File | Data File Management...", create multiple data files. Each one will have its own "Inbox".
3) Set up filters to route mail, by account, to the different inboxes
posted by LairBob at 4:26 PM on August 20, 2004

Are you running Outlook 2003? Cuz you can set it up really easily from that version. (If so, I'll tell you how to do it...)
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I've done what LairBob reccommends; it's the best way I know of for Outlook 2000.
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Response by poster: Thanks, LairBob. I'll try it out. aacheson- I'm running 2000. Maybe it's time for an upgrade if LairBob's solution doesn't work.
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np. (And as long as it's apparently an "Outlook Day" on AskMe, check out SpamBayes, just cause it rocks--and if you're setting up multiple accounts, you're gonna get tons of spam).
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